3P GLOBAL RESOURCES brings in 17 years of experience of processing non-recyclable papers and films that are laminated, coated or treated.

3PGR  brings in industry knowledge and channels for redistributing off-spec, second quality and stock lot materials to their customer base in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

3PGR  provides environmentally responsible solutions for manufacturers and consumers.

3PGR  allows companies an excellent solution for material disposal of non-recyclables while improving their carbon footprint.

3P Global Resources LLC. Specializes in exporting of papers, plastics, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. The majority of our sales of these materials, are to The Far East, Middle East, as well as Africa. We do focus our business around our customer’s needs in addition to the US market, while giving Go Green solutions to the Secondary Markets. We do this by partnering with United States recycling centers, manufacturers, converters, and paper mills. This way 3PGR gives more outlet solutions for these materials.

We are working with United States suppliers, to meet the needs of our solid customer base that is still growing! While also working with paper mills, Printers and converters, we can satisfy your needs as an outlet, also a purchasing resource for these secondary roll form materials for other purposes in secondary markets. 3PGR is focused and driven to be your long time, ongoing business partner.

3PGR Offers, great customer service, speedy delivery and pick up. Our competitive pricing is always a plus! We work hard to build your trust, and meet your needs for secondary papers, plastics, as well as PSA. We surround our business planning around our resources, and customer’s extreme satisfaction! 3PGR maintains high quality control, by inspecting all materials before offering them to our customers for purchase.

Please browse through our website and 3PGR. Encourages you to contact us with your specific needs, so we can assist you in the best way possible!